White Avisa Global 3 in 1 Kitchen Triple Paper Dispenser & Holder Paper/Foil/Cling Wrap

  • Kitchen Triple Roll Dispenser & Holder is Essential Kitchen Utility for Every Household.
  • Holds and Stores Kitchen Tissue Paper Roll, Aluminium Foils and Plastic Wrap Films (cling film diameter of 6 cm or less can) and Dispenses Them in One Single Unit, no more Scissors or Knives needed for Wrapping Food and Other Kitchen Items.
  • Material: impact resistant ABS plastic
  • Color: white porcelain
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Note : This cutters suitable for loading the first frame with plastic wrap, aluminum foil second grid suitable for loading paper / plastic bags , and the third layer can hold off the reel -type cloth napkin or a point ( the third layer if you can not do . mounted thereon , the web can be adjusted according to the length of the distance ) Great idea to store aluminum foil and paper towel, cling film in one dispenser. Compact body that saves a large space in kitchen.Simple front loading with mountable paper towel rack. Convenient, quick, practical, health. Screw wall mount design. Always spend a long time finding the paper towel when you need it? Cannot find aluminum foil when need it? Having trouble to cut the glad wrap before it gets stuck together? This Kitchen 3 in 1 dispenser can helpstoring your paper towel, cling film wrap and aluminum foilin one dispenser. With cutters in each wrap compartments, no more knife/ scissors needed.

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Weight 1.95 kg
Dimensions 38 × 18 × 7 cm

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